Tired of bashing your head against the wall wondering why fad diets and workouts aren’t getting you the athletic physique you want?

My name is Mit Kazakov.

I’m part of a group of self-actualized men who have found a way to develop and maintain lean athletic physiques year-round.

We’re not bodybuilders – big bulky physiques are not our thing.

Instead, we like lean chiseled physiques – those of pro athletes, male models, and hollywood actors you see in movies.

The way WE do things is dramatically different from anything you’ll ever see in a mainstream fitness magazine.

We don’t fear carbs, we don’t need to eat a meal every 2.5 hours and we don’t do silly 6-days-per-week bro splits or endless hours of cardio – quite honestly, all of that is a bunch of crap.

Instead, we use something called Algorithmic Physique Redesign – a step-by-step scientific method of course-correcting what we’re doing based on data we collect regarding what’s working and what’s not – to develop and maintain lean athletic physiques that grant us unwavering confidence and allow us to live a life of our own design.

If you asked the gurus and the mainstream fitness & bodybuilding publications, they’d tell you what we’re doing is “nerdy” or “dumb”.

Yet… it’s getting us better results than we have ever hoped for.

We are TriadFit Hustlers, and these are our stories!

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